Click for Kinetic and Wind Spinners

Click for Kinetic and Wind Spinners
Send Your Yard in Motion! We carry a large variety of Kinetic Spinners and Wind Spinners. We look for the highest quality, weather resistant materials, and ease of yard placement for each one. Kinetic Spinners have multiple layers that spin in different directions. All of our spinners will look great in any yard during any season. Pick as many as you like!

66.5 inch Statement Flamingo Wind Spinner
68 inch Statement Peacock Kinetic Wind Spinner
91 inch Waves in Motion Kinetic Wind Spinner
Zephyr Red Kinetic Wind Spinner
Windswept Verde Kinetic Wind Spinner
Copper Verde Flame Kinetic Wind Spinner
Copper Stratus Wind Spinner
Blue Lotus Kinetic Wind Spinner
Red Stratus Wind Spinner
Marine Blue Waves in Motion Kinetic Wind Spinner
Cheyenne Verde Kinetic Wind Spinner
3 Tiered Multicolor Kinetic Wind Spinner
Multicolored Shovels Kinetic Wind Spinner
75 inch Sunflower Wind Spinner
82 inch Metal Hummingbird/Flower Double Wind Spinner
84 inch Verdigris & Gold Pineapple Wind Spinner
Metallic Painted Double Sided Blue Kinetic Spinner
75 inch Oceanic Kinetic  Wind Spinner
Blue, Green Yellow Painted Kinetic Spinner
59.5 inch Copper Leaves with Solar Light and Bells Wind Spinner
Double Copper Finish Skinny Petal Kinetic Wind Spinner 5000
Antique Copper Finish Double Paddle Kinetic Spinner 5001
Tulip in Green Kinetic Wind Spinner 5004
Antigue Copper Finish Double Kinetic Round Flower Wind Spinner 5006
Round  Blue Kinetic Spinner 5009
Antigue Copper Finish Double Kinetic Pointy Flower Wind Spinner 5014
Antique Copper Finish Double Wind Spinner in Circle 5016
Antique Copper Finish Double Swirl Kinetic Spinner 5017
Double Copper Finish Mini Spinner 5019
Medium 4 Blade Kinetic Copper Finished Wind Spinner 5020
72 inch  4 part Antique Copper Finish Kinetic Wind Spinner 5021
Blue and Bronze Double Leaf Kinetic Wind Spinner
84 inch Gold/Silver/Bronze Triangle Kinetic Wind Spinner
66 inch Hummingbird Spinner
Metal Petal Power Wind Spinner
3 LayeredAntique Painted  Kinetic Wind Spinner
70 inch Single Butterfly Spinner
77inch Rainbow Fish Tail Wind Spinner
Enamel Painted Double Sided Sun and Moon  Kinetic Spinner
Interplanetary Kinetic Wind Spinner