9.5 inch Cheese Knife

9.5 inch Cheese Knife
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Product Description

CHEESE is stamped out of the blade of this knife, giving it not only a fun appearance, but also allowing it to easily move through cheese Serrated edge allows you to cut through cheese easily without adding too much pressure, keeping the form of your slice Pronged tip on blade cleanly stabs your cheese slices so you can move them to a cracker or a plate Stainless steel, 9.5 inch blade won't rust even after multiple washes Dishwasher safe for easy clean up

Cutting cheese can be a struggle if you are using a normal kitchen knife. Cheese is dense and sticks to the blade while you are cutting it, making working a knife through it difficult. However, with the Chef Craft Cheese knife, these problems don't exist. The holes stamped in the blade of this knife are not only fun, but they allow the knife to easily pass through cheese without it sticking to the blade.